How Building a Sleepover Business Will Change Your Life

This 5-weeks step-by-step course will take you from complete beginner to the owner of a launched sleepover business that is ready to take bookings. 

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If you want to know if your life can be impacted from creating your own sleepover business, then ask yourself these five questions:

  • Are you, or have you ever been, exhausted by the never-ending demands of the workforce?
  • Do you wish that you had more time to spend with your family?
  • Would you like to find balance between full-time work and full-time parenthood, without having to choose?
  • Does the idea of starting a business excite you, but knowing where to start feels too daunting?
  • If someone offered you a complete guide to start your own business with everything you need to know to become successful, would you commit?  

If you’re thinking to yourself, “YES! That’s me!” then this 5-week course was designed especially for you. During this programme, you’ll work alongside other members who are facing the same conflicts, and together I will walk you through, step by step, how to begin your sleepover business and take over the industry!  

Why THIS Course Leads to Your Success

It took me five years to build my multi-award-winning sleepover business, Dreamee Teepees, from the ground up. That’s five years of hard work and dedication, which led me to a point in my career where I aspire to make other women, mothers, and entrepreneurs’ dreams come true. By providing all the knowledge I’ve acquired and every secret I’ve discovered along the way, this course will earn you success quicker than you can say, “sign me up!” 

Back when I started my business, I didn’t have access to a step-by-step guide. I wish I did, as I’m also a full-time mum to 5 young boys. A course like this would have saved me time if I had learned from someone else’s mistakes AND successes. If I did it on my own, then I know you can too! 


What to Expect During this Course: 

“5 Weeks to Build Your Successful Sleepover Business” 

As a mum who understands how valuable your time is, this course doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s highly informative, easy to digest, and will actually get you excited about work again! Here are the essentials to know before you begin: 

  • I've designed the course to last just 5 weeks which means you will have a fully functioning business in just over 1 month

  • Your daily commitment to this course includes one video and one task to complete each day in your own time

  • During this course, you will gain access to a live webinar each week, which is a great place for comments and queries

  • An invite to our course's private Facebook group will be sent to you, where I will be available each day for more urgent queries.

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Only £2997


Listed below is the weekly breakdown containing an immersive learning experience that I’m sure will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the sleepover industry! 


  • Introductions 
  • Settle into a positive mindset 
  • Envision your new business 
  • Establish individual business goals 
  • Learn how to reach targets


  • Devise a plan of action to earn return on investment 
  • Set budget and pricing plan 
  • Learn how to acquire equipment and supplies 
  • Understand legal and legislative requirements 
  • Become an official and legal business 


  •  Understand the importance of branding and marketing 
  • Learn your options for website building 
  • Create your brand and logo 
  • Establish your business on social media 



  • Identify your customers 
  • Decide which social media is best for outreach 
  • Create content that appeals to your prospects 


  • Setup client booking strategies 
  • Officially launch your business 
  • Learn how to spread the word and get clients quickly
  • Accept your first booking 


  • Daily training and step by step guides £3100 value
  • Coaching calls £2499 value
  • Facebook Group and Support £££+
  • Exclusive entry into our Members Only Club for 3 months £999 

And there’s more to this package…

On top of the discounted rate, I’ve added additional items and services to the list of perks that you’ll receive when opening your 'business in a box!'

You will also benefit from:-

  • My 8-year compilation of supplier details 
  • Administrative document templates to make planning easier and more effective £50 value
  • FREE 3-month entry into the Business Academy Membership Group 
  • Discounted rates on extra, accredited training and equipment £££+

Total Value £6,598

For you - £2997 

You’re not dreaming. This offer really is that good.

7-day money back guarantee

Afraid this might not be for you? Don't worry. I offer your money back within the first 7 days, no questions asked. I am that certain you're going to love it! Just email

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Frequently Asked Questions

My goal is to provide you with the confidence and security you need to make this dream come true, so here are my most commonly asked questions from new trainees:

Q: How long will each lesson take?

A: TWO HOURS max- Your daily task for this course is to complete one video, followed by one related activity. The duration of each video depends on the lesson but usually lasts no longer than one hour. The lesson activity will also take about an hour to complete.

Q: I have no idea how to start a business. Can I still be successful?

A: YES- This course is designed to support you fully. That means if you don’t understand a section or you need more clarity, I am available each day to help you and come up with a solution.

Q: How are the lessons delivered?

A: The lessons come in video format.  They are located on my purpose built membership site. This means that you can do the activities at any time of day or night that suits you.  

Q: What about Coronavirus? Hasn't that stopped all parties?

A: The stage at which the coronavirus is at in each country is different. You must pay attention to the advice you have been given in your country as to whether parties are allowed. But don't worry as most countries are allowing sibling or family sleepovers, and others are allowing parties to now take place with people from different homes

You’ve officially been briefed on everything you need to know before signing up for this course!

Are you ready to commit to “5 Weeks to Your Successful Sleepover Business” and becoming the career mum that has it all? Act fast, because this discounted rate won’t last long.




Disclaimer: Your success in this course will be determined by how much work and dedication you put into this career. However, if you work hard throughout this course, then you’ll unlock every secret you need to turn a profit on your investment.